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The Importance of Becoming an Essential Worker Sabbath School, Discussion Idea, Conversation Starter, Pastors, Parents, The unintended benefit from all of this was it forced us to consider what was essential. When we answer these questions well, we become our own version of: “essential workers.” We do only what is essential to make life better. We stop wasting. We begin investing.
How to use TikTok Digital Ministry, Youth, Young Adults, Teachers, Pastors, Sabbath School, Discussion Idea, Conversation Starter, Parents, Families, Digital Discernment, When it comes to social media, TikTok is the app to beat. As “a destination for short-form mobile videos,” users upload videos of themselves lip-syncing, telling jokes, dancing, etc. For parents of teens and tweens who use the app (or keep asking to), it’s helpful to know what it is, its pitfalls and dangers, and how to talk to them about it in order to help them pursue abundant life in every area of their lives.
8 Ways to Lead in the New Digital Default Pastors, Church, Digital Ministry, Best Practices, Leadership, Like it or not, digital is your new default as a leader. So what’s the key to leading digital church well moving forward? Here are 8 ways to lead in the new digital default church.
3 changes you need to know about young people as you minister during (and after) the pandemic Pastors, Teachers, Club Ministry, Future Church, Empathy, But reports also confirm that some changes affect particular groups more than others, and young people are no exception. Their present realities and thoughts about the future are shifting. Our ministry to them must respond accordingly.
How to Help Gen Z Through the COVID-19 Mental Health Crisis Parents, Pastors, Teenagers, Mental Health, Anxiety, Stress, Discussion Idea, Conversation Starter, “How can I help my anxious young person when I am anxious myself?” Our you g people can tell we’ve never been through a pandemic like this one (even as adults) but our life experience must inform us; we must find ways to offer wise direction to our young.
A New Normal Parents, Pastors, Teachers, Youth, Young Adults, Sabbath School, Church, Discussion Idea, Conversation Starter, Maybe normal isn’t what we want to go back to. You may have your own list of norms you’ve discovered you’re not happy with. Now is your chance to create your new normal!
CDC Decision Tree for Schools CDC, Guidance, Covid-19, Reopening, Checklist, Schools, Teachers, The purpose of this tool is to assist administrators in making (re)opening decisions regarding K-12 schools during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to check with state and local health officials and other partners to determine the most appropriate actions while adjusting to meet the unique needs and circumstances of the local community.
Youth Gathering Decision Tree CDC, Guidance, Camp, Youth Group, Sabbath School, Checklist The purpose of this tool is to assist directors or administrators in making (re)opening decisions regarding youth programs and camps during the COVID-19 pandemic. Checklists and questions worth considering! This one is useful for considering if Sabbath School or Youth Group or Camps are ready to open.
Work From Home? Here’s How to Stay Focused When Constantly Interrupted Parents, Work from home, distractions, Efficient, Productivity, Working from home is different with kids. Your distractions will naturally be higher as you’ll wonder if someone is bleeding in the other room or worry that it’s a little too quiet, concerns that never enter your head at the office. Kids are the most important distraction you have.
50 (more!) Conversation Starters Parents, Pastors, Sabbath School, Teachers, Conversation Starter, Discussion Ideas, Communication, Openness, Teens, Gen-Z, You know what’s worse than having one-word conversations with your teen? That’s right, nothing. It’s frustrating, it’s boring (for both parties), and you’re probably down-right over it! Well, allow us to relieve a bit of that frustration today with some fun conversation starters.
How to Lead Generation Z When You’re Not in Charge Pastors, Youth Ministry, Gen-Z, Influence, Authority, Mentor, Sabbath School, Teachers, How to have a position to influence, if we are not in charge? Many who read this actually may not be in charge. You are a friend. A teammate. A colleague. How do you influence others in this situation?
Sabbath School Helps for May 16 Sabbath School, Parents, Youth Ministry, Pastors, Teens, Video, Youth Sabbath School Ideas for the May 16th lesson
Digital Strategy Guide Churches, Pastors, Media Ministry, Best Practices, A comprehensive content strategy ebook complete with tools and insights to help you understand the role of social media in today’s unprecedented digital climate.
The Positive Outcomes of Outbreaks Through History Sabbath School, Discussion Idea, Conversation Starter, Pastors, Parents, Youth, Young Adults, Teachers, Interruptions have a way of changing us. We enter our week with a plan, then suddenly, intrusions happen. But because these unplanned interruptions force people to be adaptable and resourceful, positive outcomes have often resulted from many of the outbreaks in history.
Ultimate Guide to Staying Connected during social distancing Pastors, Youth Pastors, Teens, Youth Group, Games, Discussion Starters, Conversation Ideas, Activities, Sabbath School, Club Ministry An ever-growing list of tools and ideas for connecting with your youth group virtually.
Leading from Home Pastors, Church, Leadership, From Home, So many of us are working from home—but are you leading from home? Craig shares his seven tips for leading from home and gives us advice for homeschooling kids along the way during the COVID-19 crisis that has so many businesses and schools closed.
The Church Guide to Coronavirus Church, Pastors, Ministry, Preparation, Plans, Action Plan, The threat of a pandemic creates an opportunity for the church. People will be more open to the gospel than ever before. Will your church be ready to provide services, to speak hope, to trust in God heroically? Or will your church shrink back in fear and self-protection? Our hope and prayer is that The Church Guide to Coronavirus can help your church develop healthy practices to keep your church attendees safe and to rise up valiantly in these days.
COVID-19 Is Taking a Toll on the Hearts of Pastors Pastors, Church, Cautionary Tale, Best Practices, Many pastors have no idea that their brains are being rewired by perpetual social media pastoring. I am nervous that what is meant to be a temporary placeholder in light of this international crisis will take on unintended permanency that will hurt the church in the long-term.
FIVE WAYS YOU WILL BE A DIFFERENT PASTOR AFTER THE PANDEMIC Pastor, Church, Recovery, After, Best Practices, Practical Tips, Though the biblical standards of pastoral ministry remain constant, how pastors carry out that ministry will change dramatically. In many ways, the changes are already taking place.
Five Ways To Be The Church When Church Is Canceled Church, Service, Community, Humanity, Pastors, Youth, Young Adults, Discussion Idea, Conversation Starter, Sabbath School, There is unprecedented territory ahead, and nobody can say how long it might last. Here are some things to remember, and some ways to keep “being the Church,” even when you can’t be in the church building.
Preaching to a Virtual Congregation Pastors, Church, Sermon, Virtual, Engagement, I don’t know that we will ever go back to “normal.” I know that people will go back to their churches, but I think the voices in which they find value throughout this crisis will continue to speak into their lives. Some churches will stop their online presence, but we will continue and grow our online congregation, with a greater intention and curation of their experience and interaction.
FIVE LIKELY CONSEQUENCES OF THE PANDEMIC MOST CHURCH LEADERS DO NOT EXPECT Pastors, Church, Recovery, Future, Change Many churches will always have one digital worship service available for emergencies. Worship wars will decrease significantly. More churches will add automated door openers. Fewer churches will have a person handing out bulletins/worship folders. The newest financial metric will be percentage of digital and scheduled giving to total giving.
HOW TO MEASURE ONLINE CHURCH Church, Virtual, Pastors, Media Ministry, Best Practices, Attendance, Monitoring One of the remarkable stories of the global pandemic is that suddenly, 49% of churches are reporting that their online attendance is higher or much higher than their in-person attendance. First, what does this even mean? Second, by what metric?
A season of possibility Pastors, Parents, Perspective, Priorities, Openness, Amid the crisis and change around us, perhaps we can embrace opportunity in this season to lay a foundation and prepare for new ways of doing ministry. If you are a pastor, a ministry leader, or a parent who wants to lead change when everything has changed, this week’s blog post has three quick tips for you.
Pathfinder Leadership Series Pathfinder, Leader, videos, Glen Milam, Club Ministry, Discussion Starter, Conversation Ideas Glen Milam is sharing some leadership wisdom almost weekly... Short videos, but full of great leadership counsel... If you have some time, check them out!
Webinar on how to understand Gen-Z Video, Parents, Pastors, Teenagers, Gen-Z, Tim Elmore and his team at Growing Leaders did a webinar May 6 on understanding GenZ. A must watch for parents, youth pastors, and teachers.
All Kids Need a “Coping Place” Right Now. Here’s How to Provide It. Parents, children, teens, quarantine, isolation, stress, anxiety, mental health, Kids need more alone time than parents realize – and during quarantine, families need to provide it. In this age of quarantine, without school, daycare, playdates, or even time in the car, it is up to parents to make sure their kids have the opportunity – and the space – to process their experiences in a healthy way.
Help Gen Z to Cope in a Fear-Driven World Parents, Pastors, Teens, Gen-Z, Fear, Anxiety, Worry, Discussion Idea, Conversation Starter, COVID-19 is a prime example of this outward Gen-Z fear: they worry over future job opportunities, the health of loved ones, how the government is handling such a crisis, what the world will look like once this is all over, and more. How do we help them process and move forward in a healthy way?
Measuring success in Youth Ministry Youth Ministry, Pastors, Sabbath School Teachers, Success Moving from attendance to mission: Your new ministry report card
Understanding your Teen Parents, Pastors, Teens, Generational Issues, Understanding, Empathy, Warmth, Context, Youth Ministry, Clubs, Who better to describe the next generation than someone from the next generation?
Emotionally Drained? How to Conserve — and Replenish — Your Emotional Energy Mental Health, Emotions, Exhausted, Families, Parenting, Pastors, Teachers, Teens, Youth, Young Adults, Discussion Idea, Conversation Starter, No one thought life under a pandemic would be cheerful. But quarantine’s vampiric drain is a shock nonetheless. Parents are staying home, traveling less, spending more time with their kids and watching more Netflix. In normal times, we’d be recharged. But instead we’re emotionally drained. The bare minimum feels like a challenge. While only pure sociopaths are able to live their best life under Covid-19, it’s possible to stave off the worst of it.
How to boost productivity at home Families, Parents, Pastors, Teachers, Productivity, Time Management, During this period of isolation during COVID-19, many of us experience a good news, bad news scenario, where we have more time, but often play defense rather than offense with our calendars. Ugh! Where did the time go?
World and US Covid-19 Data Covid-19, Numbers, Data, Recovery, Worldometer is run by an international team of developers, researchers, and volunteers with the goal of making world statistics available in a thought-provoking and time relevant format to a wide audience around the world. Covid data is drawn from trusted local sources for each country and state's health departments. 
Covid-19 Projections Covid-19, Projection, Social Distancing, Experts, The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) is an independent population health research center at UW Medicine, part of the University of Washington, that provides rigorous and comparable measurement of the world's most important health problems and evaluates the strategies used to address them. Nationwide and state data available in the dropdown.
Reinventing graduation: 3 ways to honor milestones in the midst of pandemic Parents, Teachers, Pastors, Teens, Graduation, Graduates, Milestones, As we navigate graduation season digitally, what can caring adults do to help young people establish personal connections?
The Future Church Through Digital Media Pastors, Church, Leadership, Digital Ministry, Media, How we interact with each other will be forever changed. Even if we could go back to normalcy and have our worship services in our church buildings, it will never be the same again. We have to come to a place where we see the future of the church through the lens of digital media as it is the norm of society.
How to Be More Resilient in a Crisis Resilient, Parenting, Teens, Young Adults, Pastors, Sabbath School, Discussion Idea, Conversation Starter, A Navy SEAL psychologist and a family psychology expert share the secret to becoming a more resilient person in these uncertain times.
8 Unique Ways to Pray with Your Family Prayer, Parents, Families, Together Prayer is one of the best ways to unify a family. It has the power to bring everyone onto the same page, as everyone comes together to focus on God. There are a lot of factors that can feed into families’ feelings of disconnection right now, but one thing’s for sure: God created families, and He strongly desires for your family’s strength and unification, both in good times and bad.
How To Ask What Kids Are Feeling During Stressful Times Parenting, Stress, Anxiety, Communication, Teens, Emotions, Questions, Psychologist have engineered a dialogue to provide parents with insight into how their kids are handling emotional turmoil.
Virtual Breakups Parenting, Teens, Youth, Young Adults, Relationships, This is the strangest, most unnatural time to date people. We are literally forbidden to see other people face to face. But does that stop our teens? Well of course not. Thanks to the help of our trusty sidekick technology, we can turn any interpersonal activity into a virtual experience. Church meetings, school, hangouts—everything is happening virtually now in this weird new life we all share, usually on Zoom. So it’s not really a surprise that our teens are still dating each other on Zoom (or text, or social media, or FaceTime). What happens when that ends?
Leading During a Pandemic Leadership, Pastors, Growing Young, Jake Mulder, co-author of the book Growing Young, shares excellent insights on leading well during a pandemic. The conversation is tailored for church administrators, pastors, ministry leaders, and anyone who loves the local church. This webinar if sponsored by the Growing Young Adventist Cohort (NPUC), and is the first in the series of five open-sourced webinars taking place through the fall of 2020. Please enjoy, are share with your network.
To the Parent Who Feels Like a Failure Parenting, Stress, Work, Life, Anxiety, Busy, Worry, Pressure It’s all just too much. I feel like I’m failing. If you’ve ever said words like that to yourself, please know this: You are not a failure. No-one was prepared for this. Not a single person was prepared to fight over toilet paper, to hunker down for weeks with no end in sight, to have to worry about whether they’ll be laid off due to a completely unpredictable virus. We didn’t know this was coming, and it’s probably safe to say none of us really feel like we know what we’re doing.
Teens and Drug Use during Quarantine Quarantine, Teens, Drugs, Coping, Anxiety, Stress, Friends, Youth Pastors, Parents, Sabbath School, In all the stress of trying to cope with this new way of life, we may forget to check in with our teens. How are they handling this? Do they feel anxious? Are they scared? Do they worry about their at-risk loved ones? The mental repercussions of this pandemic can be truly gripping, and if we’re not careful, our kids can easily fall into the same patterns of substance abuse that the Hurricane Katrina survivors did.
What is wrong with “Social Distancing?” Pastors, Parents, Families, Youth, Young Adults, Discussion Idea, Conversation Starter, Encouragement, Physical Distance, We heard that staying beyond six feet from one another would prevent us from vulnerability to the coronavirus. But humans are social creatures. We’re hardwired to need each other. How do we find a balance?
Measure What Matters: Faith Leaders Share How to Gauge Digital Engagement Pastors, Church, Attendance, Engagement, Measurement, This article looks at trends Barna has consistently tracked over the last month—virtual attendance and online giving—as well as whether or not churches are currently serving their communities and what metrics pastors are using to measure digital engagement during this time of social distancing.
Post-Traumatic Growth: Finding Meaning and Creativity in Adversity Discussion Idea, Conversation starter, Parents, Pastors, Sabbath School, Resilience, Trauma, Meaning, Growth, Resilience and strength can often be attained through unexpected routes. The author shares these seven areas of growth have been reported to spring from adversity. This would make a very interesting conversation starter. Suggested questions might include: 1) Read the article together 2) What did you find interesting or inspiring? 3) What did you find difficult to understand or confusing? 4) What questions or ideas popped into your head while reading it? 5) What Bible texts could be used to support the author's ideas?
Religious Freedom Discussion Starter Discussion Idea, Conversation Starter, Sabbath School, Religious Freedom, What happens when the safety of a community but up against those that argue that the restrictions challenge the religious liberties of religious institutions which they also claim are essential?
Domino Videos Discussion Idea, Pastors, Sabbath School, Teachers, Parents, Communication, video Pick any video from this domino tricks page and discuss 1) What could the dominos represent? 2) What could the progression represent? 3) What would happen if just one of them were removed? How would that effect the whole? 4) What Bible verse or story could be used for this discussion idea? Suggested symbols: Life choices, Peer influence, Friendship, Sin, Cause & Effect
What People Need Most from Their Leaders in Times of Crisis Pastors, teachers, churches, schools, sabbath school, youth, young adult, empathy We are all in the same boat—but we are not all in the same storm. Tim Elmore explores what leaders can do to boost empathy in their own hearts for those they serve.
GC Health Ministry Coronavirus Pandemic Page Covid-19, Coronavirus, Resources, Pastors, Churches, Parents The Seventh-day Adventist General Conference Office of Health Ministry resource for the Coronavirus.Coronavirus Pandemic
Pandemic Parenting Parenting, Communication, Empathy, Relationships, Questions With stay home orders, Parents and families are settling in for long-term life-together existences. This shift can be an opportunity to start new habits that could transform our lives and relationships
Coronavirus is causing a mental health crisis. Here’s how to fight it. Mental health, stress, anxiety, emotions, health, parenting, teens, friends, pastors, counseling Covid-19 patients and those caring for them could be especially at risk for anxiety, depression, and other conditions. Coronavirus is causing a mental health crisis. Here’s how to fight it.
How feelings charts can help during a pandemic Feelings, emotional intelligence, parenting, families Finding the language to help you and your child identify and communicate about what emotions they're feeling is crucial.
Feelings Wheel Picture, feelings, emotions, communication, families, parenting, parents, pastors Sometimes what you really need to communicate better is the right words to describe what you are feeling. This chart helps get to the bottom of what you are feeling. Great for parents or pastors in need of identifying feelings in others more clearly.
The Mental & Emotional Health of Pastors and Their Congregants Amid COVID-19 Pastor, Mental Health, Research, Survey results, Discipleship, Member Needs There is no doubt that a sense of unease has become even more widespread due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and not just among globally minded younger generations.
The Uncertain Digital & Physical Realities of Churches Church, Pastors, Worship Spaces, Generational Worship Barna has had several opportunities to research practicalities and perceptions of where American Christians come together. In this article, we’ll summarize how we’ve built an understanding of church buildings and look toward the future of worship spaces and what it means in light of the Coronavirus
The Path to Teen Connection Resource, Parent, Teens, Pastors, Empathy, Conversation, Connection, Free, Video, Series Do you ever feel: Frustrated by not connecting with your teen the way you would like? ​Like you don't understand your teen—or maybe that they just don't get you? ​Worried about their faith? Like the bad guy for trying to 'make' them have a conversation about their day? You're not alone! This free original video series will help you to create deeper connections with your kids through meaningful conversation!
Can Social Distancing Reinvent Youth Ministry? Youth Ministry, Social Distancing, New, Empathy, Discipleship During this pandemic, youth leaders have the opportunity to reexamine discipleship models and measurements. Youth leaders, we were made for this moment. But let’s make it so much more than just a moment. Let’s leverage today’s changes to imagine a whole new tomorrow.
Ants vs a Banana Slice Video, Timelapse, Discussion Idea Video Discussion Starter 1) Pray 2) Watch the video 3) Discuss elements seen, such as * What could the ants symbolize? * What could the banana symbolize? *What could the time from start to finish symbolize? * Example: How does sin eat away at our soul? * Example: How long does it take for a lie to eat away at your conscience before the truth is no longer known? * Example: Teamwork, Unity, etc 3) What Bible texts and lessons could you use this for? 4) Pray
Video Games: The Community Teens Turn to Parenting, Teens, Video Games, Community, Empathy, Friendship Whether or not you feel video games are a good hobby to have, for most of our teens, games aren’t just a single-person experience. They’re an opportunity—one of the opportunities now—to hang out with friends, laugh over dumb jokes, and share a communal experience while the world goes absolutely nuts.
50 Conversation Starters for Family Meals Parenting, Children, Family, Meals, Discussion Starter, Conversation Welcome, frustrated parents! You may have landed here today because you’re tired of the silent stares and same ol’ conversations. “How was your day?” “Fine.” Simply riveting! And with so much time at home together due to COVID-19, it can be really tough to think of new questions to ask. Fear not, we’ve compiled 50 conversation starters to give your family dinners a boost this week.
Youth Sabbath School Helps April 18 Sabbath School, Resources This week's lesson continues the story of Elisha boldly following God's plans. Visit our website to find this week's Cornerstone Connections student lesson and teacher's guide, lesson plans, resources, and application ideas.
Parenting Right Now Is Really Hard Parenting, Support, Encouragement, Stress, Anxiety Parenting right now is really hard. None of us have ever done this before. What's "this," you ask? Maybe it's "been stuck at home with three kids and no childcare while also trying to keep my full-time job."
The Biggest Lesson We Can Learn from This Pandemic Discussion idea, small group, freedom, individual, conversation starter, sabbath school, parenting, pastors, trade-off A trade-off is a decision you make that enables you to capitalize on something in exchange for forfeiting something else. It’s a trade. This would make a great conversation about doing what you want vs doing what you should.
Impact of Rona as Gen-Z grows Parenting, Families, Research, Resource, Pastors, Anxiety, Connection, Flexibility, Isolation 2020 is a year that will shape a generation. But how?
Tik-Tok Trends this week Teens, Parenting, TikTok, Youth Ministry, Media, Resource, Discussion Idea While the appeal may not be as obvious to you, new challenges, dances, and hashtags are continuously shaping the lives of your teens. Don’t be out of the loop, keep reading to learn about the top 10 trends on the app right now. Discussion suggestions: Ask them what they find interesting, funny, unique, or helpful on TikTok.
How to Porn-Proof Your Home During Quarantine Parenting, Pornography, Families, Internet We’re all susceptible to over-consuming media and using technology as a form of escape, but our teens are especially vulnerable. Many of our teens already struggle with compulsive online behavior, whether with social media, gaming, or bingeing TV shows. Smartphones and video games are designed to be addictive, and social media and streaming sites ruthlessly compete for our attention.
Church Covid Response Resources, CDC, Procedure, Guide, Ideas, Disruption If your church has not created a Coronavirus Response Operating Procedure, now is the time to do that. And this Church Guide to Coronavirus can help. Share The Church Guide to Coronavirus with your church leaders. And consider these CDC recommendations as you create your plan.
FIVE WAYS YOU WILL BE A DIFFERENT PASTOR AFTER THE PANDEMIC Practical tips, Pastors, Resources, Ministry, Ideas Though the biblical standards of pastoral ministry remain constant, how pastors carry out that ministry will change dramatically. In many ways, the changes are already taking place.
Leading from Home Working from home, Leadership, Video, Pastors, Resources, Best Practices So many of us are working from home—but are you leading from home? Craig shares his seven tips for leading from home and gives us advice for homeschooling kids along the way during the COVID-19 crisis that has so many businesses and schools closed.
Innovation? Out of the Box, Church, Ministry, Use what you have, Innovation, Discussion Starter, Discussion Idea But necessity is the mother of invention and the show, like life, must go on. If SNL can take a live show and make it virtual, what can the church do?
Heaven Here Jon Foreman, Article, Inspiration, Easter, Be Human, Discussion Idea, Conversation Starter Consider for a moment, the ways we attempt to bring purpose, meaning, and fulfillment to our lives: control, pleasure, ethics, freedom. A new home, a new car, a new wife, a new job, a new security camera. We are always aiming for some future version of our life that is somehow better than this moment. Yet none of these achievements can save us from the crisis that we now face.
Family Baking Families, Activity, Parenting, Cooking What's better than making muffins as a family? Try any of these recipes as a family and taste the results of togetherness!
Staying Healthy Exercise, Workout, Families, Activity, Parenting, Health, Wellness Think you’re too busy to work out? We have the workout for you. In minutes, high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) will have you sweating, breathing hard and maximizing the health benefits of exercise without the time commitment. Best of all, it’s scientifically proven to work.
An Open Letter to Pastors Dixit, Pastors, Resources, Church, Best Practices, NAD We are not looking for the same worship experience, because we are not living in the same world from two weeks ago. If you want to be effective, your sermon and worship services must adapt to the times in which we are living. Preaching to an empty church full of pews appears cold and disingenuous.
12 Things TEDx Speakers Do That Preachers Don’t Pastors, Sermon, Simple, Digital Sermons, Lessons from TED Talk presenters are a welcome wake-up call to preachers who are communicating in a 21st-century, Facebook Live, and Zoom. Obviously, some of this doesn’t fit with a preacher’s ethos—but much of it does. What can we learn to preach in this new virtual way?
How to Foster Social and Emotional Learning Social Distancing, Emotions, Social, Families, Parenting, Teachers Schools are closed, routines disrupted and special events canceled. Issues of equity and access are worsened as families struggle with internet and technology divides, food and housing insecurities and the pressures of isolation.
Social and Emotional Learning Resources Learning, Emotional Intelligence, Social Distancing, Families, Parenting, Support, Resources Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) offers a powerful means to explore and express our emotions, build relationships, and support each other – children and adults alike – during this challenging time.
Reading, even now Reading, Literacy, Parenting, Teachers, Learning As schools close in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, educators and parents alike are thinking about how the ways that kids spend the coming months will affect their school readiness in the fall—especially in the development of crucial reading skills. This article looks at the importance of maintaining this crucial skill.
Is my child okay? Stress, Children, Teens, Parenting, Mental Health Childhood may seem like an idyllic, carefree time to adults, but kids and teens experience stress, too. While small amounts of stress are a normal part of life, some young people develop worrisome responses to childhood stress.
Resources for Parents Parents, Resources, Children The American Camp Association (ACA) is a community of camp professionals that has put together a fantastic list of resources for families during the Covid-19 difficulties.
Moving your ministry online Ministry, Online, Change, Transition, New, Pastors It’s stating the obvious to say we are in an unpredictable, unprecedented time. With the rapid spread of Coronavirus cases, some ministry leaders have been mandated to stay at home, while others have been given recommendations and size restrictions—but all of us are adapting and figuring out how to move a lot of what we do online.
What Young People Need from Adults Right Now Parents, Pastors, Youth, Young Adults, Isolation, Anxiety There are some unhealthy coping mechanisms our youth are turning to while they are sheltering at home because of the coronavirus, Kara Powell discusses ways adults can help support and model better behaviors to younger generations.
Teaching in an Online Classroom Teaching, Online, Students, Classes Teaching Online in K-12 provides a short 10-hour overview to various aspects of teaching online, including interaction, quality, designing your course to be uniquely Adventist, and more. Each of the 10 modules includes short videos, short readings, and interactive assignments. There will be optional resources provided if you have a desire to dig a bit deeper.
Talking about Covid-19 to younger people Communication, Parenting, Families, Covid-19 Everyone is talking about the coronavirus (COVID-19) right now, from the news to social media to the grocery store. You can be assured that your kids have been hearing lots of information, and not all of it accurate. Below are some tips on talking to your kids about the pandemic in a calm and reassuring way.
Face masks Face Mask, Personal Protective Equipment, PPE CDC recommendations for how to make and wear a mask
The Way Christians Endure This Pandemic Will Reveal What Truly Matters to Them God, Discussion Starter, Resilience The arrival of this virus in our nation has exposed a faulty theology that many American and Western believers ascribe to: that we as Christians are somehow exempt from hardship and suffering. Will we become bitter or better?
Discussion Starter: The Church Must Advocate for the Incarcerated During the COVID-19 Pandemic Church, Prison, Jail, Empathy, Compassion, Humanity, Discussion Starter This article is a great resource for starting conversations. Regardless of the politics of this issue, questions related to what role does the church play in the conversation can make for a fruitful small group or text or video conversation with your family, youth, or young adult group.
AdventHealth Coronavirus Resource Hub Adventist, Resources, Church, Hospital, AdventHealth AdventHealth is prepared to keep our patients safe and to support our communities and partner churches, schools and universities with resources and information.
This Week In Virology Covid-19, Resources, Experts, Virology MicrobeTV is an independent podcast network for people who are interested in the sciences. Our shows are about science: viruses, microbes, parasites, evolution, urban agriculture, communication, and engineering. This Week In Virology focuses exclusively on interviews with actual experts studying the Coronavirus and sharing vital updates from the people who know the most.
Social Distancing From Church Is an Act of Love, Not Fear Quarantine, Distant, Love, Fear, Discussion Idea Particularly in an age of technology, where there is no shortage of the ability to see, talk, share, and be together while physically separated, it is not only unwise, but it is sinful to knowingly and deliberately put the lives of others at risk. It is not fear that keeps us out of the churches and away from corporate worship during this pandemic. It is love.
We Are Still the Church Video, Church, Pastors, Discussion Idea These are unprecedented times, filled with uncertainty and fear. The way we meet together as a church has changed, but we will persevere. Because the Church is not a building. It is not brick and mortar. It is the Body of Christ. It is all of us, honoring God, no matter our circumstance. Any place, any time, any day…We are still the Church!
Inspiration from Hot Pockets Empathy, Humanity, Inspiration Who knew the food manufacturer Steak-Umms had a very human & philosophical approach to empathy and compassion and how we can come together amidst this pandemic and economic crisis, despite the challenges of misinformation, media inundation, partisanship, and cultural polarization.
A Pandemic is a Terrible Thing to Waste Parenting, Families, Time, Opportunity Lessons from how Isaac Newton choose to make his problem a possibility, to make his obstacles opportunities. He had to learn to invest his time, not waste it. The stumbling block to his education became a steppingstone for new learning.
Talking with kids about anxiety Anxiety, Parenting, Communication, Stress We know we’re supposed to be anxious for nothing, but in reality, right now there’s a lot of anxiety – and our kids experience it too. So how do we help our kids recognize, address and turn to God when they’re feeling anxious?
Ways to celebrate Easter in a quarantine Parents, inside, quarantine, Easter, Family, Activities It is sad to miss out on some of our favorite traditions, though: the church Easter egg hunts, family photos, parties and decadent dinners. But being in quarantine doesn’t have to mean losing out on everything fun about Easter. We’ve got some ways for your family to enjoy the day like never before.
Holy Week Passover, Easter, Youth Ministry Holy week in the midst of a pandemic; Two practical ideas for your online youth ministry gathering
Free E-Book: If Your Church is Closed Book, Resource, Free, Pastors, Church The closing of church buildings has not suddenly given you more time and space to relax with family, read the books waiting on your desk, explore the offerings of YouTube or finish your post-graduate study. No, it has been just the opposite. Your church is now scattered to multiple households. Your task has just become incredibly complex.
Apps for Clubs! Adventurer, Pathfinders, Club Ministry, Apps, Activity, Learning The Best Apps For Identifying Bugs, Trees & More In The Woods And Garden
Parent/Teen Communication Isolation, Parenting, Teens, Empathy Advice for parents who are feeling isolated: ‘Ask for what you need, give what you can’
Pastor Check-In Pastor, Service, Crisis, Empathy, Leadership New Barna Surveys Check in on Pastors During COVID-19 Crisis
Compassion Fatigue Compassion, Service, Humanity Every Christian Should Know About ‘Global Compassion Fatigue’ …and How to Fight It
Coping With the Silence of Self-Isolation Silence, Isolation, Loneliness, Teens, Young Adult, Youth May we not only cope in the silence but may we thrive in it. May we embrace the silence, and may we be renewed by it.
How to Help Generation Z Break Free from the All-or-Nothing Mindset GenZ, Youth Ministry, Teens, Parenting When thinking in all-or-nothing terms, you split your views into extremes. Everything—from your view of yourself to your life experiences—is divided into black-or-white terms. This leaves room for little, if any, gray area in between
3 Ways to Know If Your Kid Is Dealing with Loneliness Youth Ministry, Teens, Kids, Loneliness Ideas for helping young people deal with loneliness
Activities Adventurers Can Do at Home Adventurer, Club Ministry, Kids, Youth 4 ideas for Adventurers to do at Home
Pastors Check-In April 1 Pastors, Resources, Encouragement, tips Weekly encouragement and resources for pastors
Yale's massively popular 'happiness' course is available free online Happiness, Resource As you're spending more time at home and working to stay sane during the coronavirus pandemic, you might be able to find solace in Yale University's mega-popular "happiness" course, which is available for free online through Coursera.
Crafting and Colouring Van Gogh Coloring, Peace, Art Have some fun with free coloring pages of famous Van Gogh masterpieces. Simply download and print, and get straight to work. Want more? Create a diorama! #SanitySavers
COVID-19 and Our Opportunity Service, Community, Neighbor We have a tremendous opportunity in this time. The need is great. Instead of looking only to ourselves and our family, let us reach out and serve others.
Taking Inspiration and Gratitude From the Early Christians in Pandemic Rome Gratitude Not only did the Roman government and leaders persecute the Christians, they were also quick to flee the scene when the pandemics hit. In an ironic twist, it was the Christians who stayed back to care not just for each other, but for unbelievers too.
The 21 Day Anti-Anxiety Challenge Anxiety, Fear, Unknown Are you stuck in a lock-down? This 21 Day Anti-Anxiety Challenge is meant as an uplifting resource to help you, or someone you know, during these uncertain times. Stress lowers our immune response, which is exactly the opposite of what you want right now.
I Spent a Year in Space, and I Have Tips on Isolation to Share Isolation, Quarantine Astronaut Scott Kelly spent a year in space, that's about as isolated as it comes. He offers some great advice on how to maintain your sanity when your normal social group isn't available.
Naming loss and gratitude with young people in these uncertain days naming, loss, grief Naming is a part of recovery. Naming loss helps us be honest about grief. Naming loss keeps us from minimizing or silver-lining. Naming gratitude prevents us from drowning in sorrow. How are you acknowledging losses and recognizing gratitude as you model behaviors to your young people through this season?
31 Small, Nice Things To Do for Others During an Epidemic Service, Community, Neighbor 31 Small, Nice Things To Do for Others During an Epidemic.
Helping Students Redeem the Time During Quarantine Time Live in the moment
The Worship Song Song by Random Action Verb Worship Distraction Musical Distraction
Jon Foreman Sings some Tunes Distraction Musical Distraction
6 Things to Remember When You’re Struggling with Anxiety Anxiety, Fear, Unknown Anxiety is a monster. It can cripple you or make you act in ways that you would never otherwise act. It causes you to believe the most incredible of lies, and can even keep you from the things you care about the most. This article helps keep us focused.
What you're feeling is grief Grief, Fear, Anxiety, Loss We’re feeling a number of different griefs. We feel the world has changed, and it has. We know this is temporary, but it doesn’t feel that way, and we realize things will be different.The loss of normalcy; the fear of economic toll; the loss of connection. This is hitting us and we’re grieving. Collectively. We are not used to this kind of collective grief in the air.
What Fear Can Teach Us Fear, Anxiety, Video TED Talk by Karen Thompson on the story of fear and how to overcome it.
NAD Pathfinder Basic Staff Training Club Ministry, Pathfinder, Resources, Honors, Inveastiture Achievement Why not take advantage of free time to get some training as a leader? The purpose of this course is to provide online training for all new Pathfinder staff and those thinking of working with Pathfinders. This certification is intended to provide basic information about the purpose, structure and ministry of Pathfinders to individuals who are just starting out in Pathfinder ministry and have little or no prior experience with the program. It is highly recommended that this certification is earned before they begin their participation in Pathfinder ministry, although not required.
Club Director / TLT Associate Director Operations Club Ministry, Pathfinder, Resources, TLT Why not take advantage of free time to get some training as a leader? This course is intended to be a self-study course for the purpose of equipping the local Pathfinder club leaders in the fundamental aspects of operating a successful TLT ministry. The learning experience will be helpful for all club staff who desire to transition their Pathfinder ministry into a Leadership Skills Development Program for their teens.
Need Activities Pathfinders Can Do at Home? Club Ministry, Pathfinder, Resources, Honors, Inveastiture Achievement, PBE Activities Pathfinders can do from home
CYE's Youtube Channel Club Ministry, Camporee, Videos CYE offers The David and Daniel Bible stories, full evening programs from the 2019 and 2014 International Camporees. Subtitles in English and Spanish are available. After watching the 2014 Forever Faithful programs, be sure to watch our documentary length film 'The Making of Daniel.' There's also a bloopers video.
Quizlet Honors Club Ministry, Pathfinder, Resources, Honors, Inveastiture Achievement Stuck at home? Still wanna earn or teach an honor? Honors Taskforce Chair Mark O'Ffill shares a brief tutorial on how to use Quizlet to stay connected AND earning honors!
NAD Adventurer Resources Club Ministry, Adventurer, Resources, Honors Posting daily tips/ideas for families to do with their kids.  Some of the information includes instruction on specific awards (earn a patch at home) as well as curriculum (complete Adventurer investiture requirements at home).  Directors can pass this information on to their club members to both give families ideas for things to do at home in addition to keeping in touch with club members during quarantine.  Families can text pictures back to their club director if they want activities to count toward patches or class pin requirements; otherwise they can do them just for fun to keep busy.
NAD Pathfinder Resources Club Ministry, Pathfinder, Resources, Honors, Inveastiture Achievement Mondays: Mark OFfill - honors that can be done at home; Tuesdays: Gene Clapp - Bible study & PBE; Wednesdays: Glen Milam - club staff; Thursdays: Dan Whitlow - Investiture Achievement Curriculum; and Fridays: Pastor Tracy Wood - TLT ministry.
What Message are We Sending to Generation Z? Fear, Anxiety, Parenting what’s more contagious than the Coronavirus in our country: fear. It’s infectious, and I believe it’s doing more damage overall to the kids in Generation Z than a virus. Sadly, they are “catching” our anxiety. We panic far too easily. We fall into a scarcity mindset. We make mountains out of molehills. And it’s not helping the mental health of our youth.
Your Best Response to Your Back-at-Home College Student Young Adults, College, Home, Conflict Parents of college students now home, how can this season of physical closeness fuel your emotional closeness? How do you give your young person as much autonomy as possible while sharing close quarters?
How the Coronavirus Could Affect Generation Z Gen-Z, Empathy, Effects Tim Elmore looks at ways parents and pastors can help Gen-Z cope with these crazy times
25 Volunteer Jobs to Do from Home Service, Community, Neighbor Virtual volunteering is a convenient way to help a great cause. You don’t have to work in a nonprofit’s office to make a positive impact. You don’t even have to commit a lot of time. You just need to click on a link and get started.
Anxiety Conversation Kit Anxiety, Teens, Conversations, Curriculum, Resources A Video and Discussion guide for Parents and Pastors on anxiety
Here Are a Few Ways to Love Your Neighbor Well in Coronavirus Season Service, Community, Neighbor As the spread of coronavirus threatens an unprecedented test for our global healthcare infrastructure, it also provides an unprecedented opportunity to love others, and that’s an opportunity we shouldn’t let pass us by.
How to Support Your H.S. Seniors When Everything Is Canceled Familes, Empathy, Support, Teens Simple, three things to build empathy for where they're at.
RESOURCES FOR CHURCHES & MINISTRIES GOING DIGITAL DURING COVID-19 Resources, Digital Resources Tips for Moving Sabbath School Digital
SABBATH SCHOOL CLASS DURING COVID-19 High School, Teen, Sabbath School In this week's Sabbath School lesson, teens are learning how they can be a light in the world. But what does that mean during COVID-19? 
Faith in an Anxious World: A 4-week High School Curriculum High School, Anxiety, Teens, Fear, Resource, Idea, Curriculum Fuller Youth Institute has put together some fantastic resources for navigating the anxiety and uncertainty that is the teenager in 2020.
Doing youth ministry during a pandemic Youth Ministry, Pandemic, Teens, Family, Listening, Questions For youth leaders to help understanding how to navigate spiritual conversations in the middle of this illness.
14 Things to Do with Teens if You're Quarantined for COVID-19 Teens, Activities, Family, Boredom Tips to share with parents!
Five Steps to Lead Students Wisely During the Coronavirus Pandemic Youth, Teens, Leadership So how do we lead our kids well during such times? Tim Elmore offers some ideas.
ARM INFORMATION REGARDING CORONAVIRUS ARM, Adventist Adventist Risk Management's Tips for Preventing Covid-19, Scroll down for the "Resource" tab
Ideas for At-Home Physical Activity During Isolation Family, Activities, Physical Smart physical activity in and around your home can lift your spirits, make you feel better, help your body stay or become physically fit, and provide some helpful structure to your days.
World Health Organization (WHO) WHO, World Health Organization, Resources, Covid, Experts Accurate information is crucial
Center for Disease Control (CDC) CDC, Center for Disease Control, Resources, Covid, Experts Accurate information is crucial
Pastor Check-In March 22 Pastors, Encouragement, Resources Weekly Encouragement and Resources for Pastors
12 Things Seventh-day Adventists Can Do During Quarantine Ideas, Families, Activities Adventist Review provide 12 Things Seventh-day Adventists Can Do During Quarantine
Prevent the Spread of Disease Germs, Disease, Spread, Wash Hands, Video Practical tips to keep our community free from germs and help prevent the spread of disease.
Germs are gross, and everywhere germs, wash hands, video, discussion idea This video tells us that germs are bad, please don't touch your face 16x an hour.
Pastor Check-In March 15 Pastor, Resources, Youth, Young Adult, Encouragement Weekly Devotional and Resource List for Pastors